Arisa Water Softener


The Arisa Water Whole House Softener whole house conditioning water treatment system will provide high-quality, soft water for worry-free drinking and cooking. This residential water conditioning system is highly recommended for those on either municipal or well water supplies.

Product Features

  • 48k or 64k Grain Softening Demand SystemClack Softener Cutout-Tank Only
  • Authentic Clack WS1 Valve Head
  • Patented “Stack” Technology
  • Highly Efficient for Low Salt and Water Usage
  • High Flow Rate – <27 gpm
  • 3/4” to 1” Porting—doesn’t reduce water flow
  • Look ahead feature – tracks water usage for 60 days
    For example, knows if Mondays are laundry day so will make sure enough water is ready
  • Coin Cell Lithium battery back-up with an 8 hour carry over
  • High Capacity Resin—Available in 48k and 64k grain capacity
  • Manual built into face plate
  • Power cell battery backup  2hours, if over 2 hours reset time
  • Self-diagnostic feature
  • Metered – monitors how much water you use
  • 1 moving contact part – easy to clean/service
  • Double backwash – less residual sodium in water
  • Injector in top – easy to fix if there’s a problem
  • Spot free glassware & dishes
  • No “soap curds” on tubs, sinks and shower walls
  • Brighter, softer laundry
  • Reduced soap and other cleaning product usage
  • Softer, healthier skin/hair
  • Protects expensive water using appliances
  • Designed for whole house usage

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