Buckeye e-Coli Outbreak

August 2013

Water companies do their best to keep the ever-growing contaminants out of our water supply. On a field trip with the owner’s daughter’s class we learned about this contamination of the Buckeye water supply and how it happened the week after it happened. We learned that the water companies are constantly testing the water supply to avoid these issues. The water companies are vigilant to keep this from happening. Unfortunately, sometimes due to changing conditions bacteria slips through as demonstrated in the video below.

Our company’s owners live in the area affected by this outbreak.  Fortunately, their family uses both a water softener / conditioner / refiner AND a reverse osmosis drinking water system.  Since their dogs drink from the outside tap water, they were the ones affected.  The dogs were listless, had diarrhea, and just weren’t their playful selves.  We weren’t notified out about the outbreak until 2 days after it had happened.

It’s things like this that make our company grateful that we can help other families.  If we hadn’t had our water treatment equipment the owner’s family would have gotten sick as well.

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