City of Goodyear – Water Hardness

water hardnessTwo common minerals in the Arizona soil – calcium and magnesium – create one of the most notable changes in your tap water – water hardness. These tasteless, harmless minerals dissolve in the water, and create what is known as hard water.

Over 85% of the water in the USA is hard, so water hardness is not a phenomenon exclusive to the State of Arizona. Most health officials agree there is nothing detrimental to a person’s health regarding water hardness, and some studies even suggest hard water is beneficial. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has not established a maximum contaminate level for water hardness, and we are not aware of any pending proposals to establish one. In addition, 91% of our water is not used for household purposes, and of the remaining 9%, less than 1% is consumed. If the City were to add additional treatment, the cost would be much higher, and with less than 1% of the water being consumed, it would not be economically practical. The City of Goodyear’s drinking water does satisfy the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water hardness in Goodyear ranges from 10 gpg (grains per gallon) to 38 gpg, depending on the water source that serves your area. The white, chalky film that you may find on the faucets or shower doors in your home is evidence of hard water.  Read more…

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