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Since conditions within the water treatment industry are currently progressing, just as everything else does, it is important to stay on top of trends and water info available within the industry.

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Coliform Bacteria in Drinking Water Even though public water treatment agencies do an awesome job of keeping our water clean, changes in the water source can cause serious consequences. If the water supply becomes contaminated, consumers can become seriously ill. Fortunately, … Find out more here…

Nitrate Health Effects


What is nitrate? Nitrate (NO3) is a form of nitrogen. It is a natural part of soil and groundwater. But in some areas, human activities such as fertilizer use and manure applications, have increased nitrate concentrations in drinking water to levels above EPA’s drinking … Find out more here…


What is Filtersorb? Filtersorb SP3 Media uses advanced, proven salt-free technology to remove scale from incoming and existing plumbing fixtures.  Next Generation Filtersorb  uses a new salt-free water technology called Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) . Filtersorb SP3 NAC water technology is the … Find out more here…