Water Treatment Equipment Installation

Water treatment equipment installation comes in a few general categories depending on the type of equipment you are installing.  Every home is different.  Sometimes more than one of these methods is used or available depending on your specific situation.  Arisa Water’s water technicians are knowledgeable on proper water treatment equipment installations.  They can advise you on the best route to take when considering having water treatment equipment installed.

Whole House System Installation

Water treatment equipment installations for most systems that treat the whole house are installations that usually involve water softeners and salt-free water treatment options.  Here in the Phoenix Metro West Valley most home owners like to install whole house equipment in the garage.  These types of installations come in these general varieties:


A loop is an in and out port plumbed to a home’s existing plumbing that allows you to have water treatment to your house.  This is usually installed by home builders, or possibly a previous homeowner that have had it installed when using water treatment equipment.

It has built in connections that allows a whole house system to be easily attached to your existing plumbing structure.  This is the easiest installation method, but requires the loop plumbing to be in place PRIOR to installation.  Usually on a loop built by a home builder, the kitchen cold water and possibly the refrigerator are not plumbed for water treatment, so only the other areas of the home will be treated by the equipment being installed.



This is how you build the loop in when your house doesn’t have a loop.  The plumbing in this type of installation usually goes through the garage side wall where the garage door opens by the water main. Sometimes a pop-thru will be done through a cement wall for an outside plumbing installation.  A loop is then manually built to connect the water treatment equipment to.


This demonstrates the plumbing on the OUTSIDE of the garage. The green handled faucet is called a hose bib.


When your water main is located on the opposite side of the garage or the house, the plumbing pipes need to be brought closer so a pop-thru can be done.  Once the trenching and pop-thru are done, a loop can be built to attach the water treatment equipment to the existing plumbing.


This method is used in specific situations where the pipes have to be hidden but need to run across a large distance of the house because the water treatment equipment needs to be put in a specific location .


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