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About the Quality of Water
that your family drinks

We are committed to educating families like yours about what’s in their water so they can make an educated decision on what their family needs.

We don’t just sell products.

Your water treatment needs are specific
to your specific water conditions.

Coliform-Bacteria-300x300There are a lot of things that can contaminate your water, even after the city water treatment company has treated it such as:

If you’re on city water, then you don’t need a water test, the city’s most likely done that for you.  Most, if not all, cities report yearly on their water quality testing done throughout the previous year.

(Click here to see the most current water quality reports
for the areas we serve)

chromium wasteIf you’re on a private well, you are your own water treatment company. You’ll need to do regular testing to ensure the quality of your water.  You will also usually need specialized equipment to deal with your specific water issues.  Over the last 28 years of well water experience, we’ve seen a LOT of interesting things in people’s wells.  We’ve seen blue, orange, yellow, brown, and green water.  It really makes you appreciate how much the cities do to clean up the water before it gets to someone’s tap.  We can help well owners get the same quality of water that the city provides, and better, at frugal prices.

Water contamination levels are constantly changing for everyone, whether on a well or on city water.  During their experience in the water treatment industry, Arisa Water has seen a lot of interesting water conditions.  If you live on a well, you could know what we’re talking about.  Our cities do a great job when you realize what they’re really up against!

Arisa Water is dedicated
to bringing the best quality equipment
at the lowest prices possible.

Arisa Water staff have helped families in Washington, Idaho, and Arizona with their water purification needs  for over 28 years.  Let Arisa Water be your water treatment specialist for your all of your residential city and well water treatment needs. Water treatment demands knowledgeable equipment providers and reasonably priced options.  In this way, Arisa Water stands out from our competitors.

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Buckeye, AZ 

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Buckeye, AZ 

My water test was very educational. The testing guy was very courteous. My softener works great! I am very satisfied with the entire process.   … Find out more here…


The testing process was a lot to digest, but very informative!  I decided to purchase a softener and reverse osmosis.  The price was extremely affordable and now our water tastes great!


If price isn’t enough of a motivator, the quality of the equipment will stand on it’s own.